Cosmetic Dentistry



Cosmetic dentistry means all those procedures on teeth, jaws, lips, cheeks, or the face that are aimed at improving your personal appearance. Cosmetic dentistry can impact your social acceptability in a great measure. Functional improvement may also result.

What Cosmetic Offers to you!

Some of the cosmetic procedures available at Dental Attraction Center to restore or improve your smile are:

Bleaching and Whitening- These are the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Whitening restores the natural color of teeth. Although tooth whitening can be done at home using over the counter DIY kits, but professional bleaching and whitening by a qualified professional is worth the extra cost, because of its safety and efficacy.

Veneers: Tooth colored laminations of porcelain called veneers may be bonded to your teeth by the dentist. Veneers of any desired color can be made to fit your teeth to hide discoloration.

Reshaping and Straightening: Reshaping is another very good procedure which adds to your personal appeal. Crooked teeth are straightened. Material is added or removed to correct their proportion and relation to other teeth. Improvements can surprise you.

Braces: Use of braces is a rather common method of reshaping or correcting a group of teeth together. Braces can correct over, or under bite. Persons in the habit of grinding their teeth can develop a closed bite resulting in a shorter looking face and an impaired smile. Braces can take care of that also.

Dental Bridges: Lost or broken teeth, especially the front ones, mar your smile. At Dental Attraction Center we can give you dental bridges of your choice restoring or even improving your smile, and social appeal.

Crowns or Caps:  Some weak or restored teeth need protection. Crowns can be placed over them. Crowns on visible teeth need to be good looking and matching the color and shade of surrounding teeth. A wide variety of crowns can be made to enhance your smile.

Bonding: A plastic composite material resembling enamel can be bonded to the tooth surface, trimmed, and polished to a desired shape and a natural appearance.

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