• What is a dental cleaning?
Also called teeth cleaning and prophylaxis, dental cleanings are a routine part of excellent dental care. At Dental Attraction Center, dental cleanings are generally performed by one of our talented dental hygienists under the direction of Dr. Saeed Rouhani, our skilled dentist. The goal of teeth cleanings in Dallas, Texas is to:
  • Remove any plaque and tartar that has built up to prevent bacteria and infection
  • Check your smile for signs of decay and disease, including oral cancer and gum disease
  • Examine existing restorations, such as fillings and crown, for any needed repairs
  • Take dental X-rays to fully understand and diagnose your smile
  • Apply fluoride for added strength and protection
  • Review your dental history and explore your concerns and questions
During a dental cleaning, we hope to protect your smile, provide quick diagnoses for effective treatments, and promote good oral hygiene habits.