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Advanced Dental Technology in Dallas, TX

Advanced Dental Technology in Dallas, TX

Technological advancements have made every aspect of our life easier. At Dental Attraction in Dallas, Texas, state-of-art dental technology is a crucial part of our practice. Our dentist, Dr. Rouhani, continuously upgrades and stays well-informed of the latest trends in dental technologies. With the superior technologies at our office, we can identify even minute symptoms of severe oral health issues so they can be promptly addressed. Dental technology has made it possible to deliver the best clinical treatments with less pain and fewer office visits.

Intraoral Camera

One of the challenges that dental professionals often face is making patients understand the complexities of their oral condition and how it can be fixed. Intraoral cameras enable us to capture images of the decayed and damaged oral structures and show them to our patients so that they get a clear idea of any concerns. This will help them in deciding their treatment options. Intraoral cameras are pen-sized and can capture hundreds of images in seconds which can be displayed on a computer screen almost instantly.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays capture the inner parts of the mouth in detail. Then, the images are transferred to the computer monitors. Patients can clearly see the decayed and damaged areas, so we can better explain the possible treatment options. This allows our patients to take truly informative treatment decisions so they will feel completely confident. Additionally, the digital files can be easily transferred to other specialists, dental labs, and insurance providers when necessary. Above all, we have access to these X-Rays year after year for comparison.

Laser Cavity Detection

Laser cavity detection can help us spot even the preliminary signs of tooth decay. A concentrated beam of light will be utilized to evaluate the thickness of your tooth enamel, and it will quickly disclose even the slightest signs of thinning. With this information, we will provide conservative treatments that will prevent the tooth from developing a cavity, thus saving you from needing more invasive and costly restorative work.

Cone-Beam Scanner

Cone beam scanners can assist us in better understanding the inner workings of your smiles when planning for advanced procedures like root canals, dental implant placement, and tooth extractions. These high-definition scans give us a clear picture of how best to offer our patients treatment that completely reinvents their damaged smiles' look, feel, and function.

Cerec Digital Impression System

The Cerec system gives us the capability to complete a dental crown, bridge, or other restoration in a single visit. They have significantly streamlined the treatment process for traditional restorations and helped reduce the treatment time.

If you are looking for a dental practice that offers the latest technology, look no further than Dental Attraction. Visit our office at 4727 Frankford Rd #333, Dallas, TX 75287, or call Dentist in Dallas TX at (972) 733-0999 and schedule an appointment.

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