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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – North Dallas, TX

Getting You the Treatment You Deserve

An older woman seated indoors and smiling after undergoing dental implant procedures in North Dallas

Is your jawbone too weak for dental implants? Have you let your missing teeth remain untreated for too long? When this happens, the bone can begin to deteriorate over time, resulting in a foundation that can easily cave when faced with too much pressure. At Dental Attraction, Dr. Rouhani and his team can provide advanced dental implant procedures in North Dallas to provide additional support within the bone and ultimately, create a more stable base for implants to remain for a lifetime. Unsure what is involved with these procedures? Want to find out if you will require this level of dental work before moving forward with dental implants? Let our team answer these questions and more by contacting us today!

Bone Grafting

A team of dental professionals performing a bone graft on a patient

A bone graft is often required when missing teeth in North Dallas that are located on the bottom arch are left untreated for a long period of time. Once the bone begins to deteriorate, this type of procedure is necessary to improve the density of the bone and create a more firm, stable foundation.

To complete this process, our team will make a small incision in the gums before placing bone minerals retrieved from another area of your mouth or an alternative source (i.e. cadaver). Once these are put into place, they will begin to fuse with any original bone to rebuild and strengthen.

A typical bone graft can take anywhere from 45-90 minutes and require several months spent recovering. This is necessary to ensure the body does not reject the graft and so the minerals can fuse properly to create stable bone.

Sinus Lifts

Digital image of a sinus lift procedure occurring on the upper arch of the mouth

If you require dental implants in the upper arch of your mouth but have little bone available in a particular area, a sinus lift can help to remedy this problem. Oftentimes, when a tooth is extracted from the back of the mouth, it can leave behind a gapped area, one that exists between the tooth and maxillary sinuses.

When planning to undergo a sinus lift, Dr. Rouhani will make the same type of incision into the gum as he would a bone graft and place the minerals. Once the surgical area is closed, you will spend the next several months allowing your gums and bone to heal. Over time, the bone will grow up into the floor of your sinuses and create a firm foundation for your future dental implants.