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All-On-4 Dental Implants – North Dallas, TX

Restore Your Beautiful Smile with Just Four Implants

older woman admiring her smile in mirror with All on 4 dental implants in North Dallas

If you have a few gaps in your grin, dental implants can be a great way to rebuild your smile. But what if you’re missing an entire row of teeth? Most patients who have lost this many teeth replace them with a full denture, but there’s another option that provides more longevity, stability, and jawbone health: All-on-4. Dr. Rouhani offers All-on-4 in North Dallas, which can replace a whole arch of missing teeth with just four dental implants. Keep reading below to learn more about how this incredibly modern solution can benefit you.

How Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Work?

diagram of All on 4 replacing missing bottom teeth

A dental implant is a titanium post that acts as the “root” for a replacement tooth. Ordinarily, a single post is inserted vertically into the jawbone to support a dental crown; with All-on-4, however, four implants placed in particular areas can be enough to support a whole row of prosthetic teeth. This is done by tilting the two posterior implants (the ones toward the back of the mouth) at a 45-degree angle, which also reduces the need for bone grafting to ensure the jawbone is tall enough to accommodate dental implants.

Am I A Candidate for All-On-4 Dental Implants?

older man sitting at table and holding his glasses

Most patients who have lost all of their teeth on their top and/or bottom arch may benefit from All-on-4. Because the posterior implants are placed at strategic angles, even patients who have suffered from jawbone loss might be able to rebuild their smile with this treatment.

With that being said, you should still be in generally good oral health. Certain health issues like gum disease or bad habits such as smoking should be addressed prior to placing dental implants in North Dallas.

What Are the Benefits of All-On-4 Dental Implants?

older man with moustache brushing his teeth

Compared to traditional dentures, All-on-4 offers a plethora of benefits, some of which are:

  • Your prosthetic teeth don’t need messy adhesives to stay in place since they’re firmly anchored to the implants in your jawbone.
  • You won’t have to take out your denture for cleaning; simply brush it as you would your natural pearly whites.
  • Implants are more comfortable in your mouth, as they prevent the slipping and gum irritation common with traditional dentures.
  • All-on-4 dentures won’t need to be replaced nearly as often as conventional dentures.
  • You can enjoy increased chewing power that will let you eat all of your favorite foods.
  • Unlike traditional dentures, implants prevent jawbone loss, supporting your facial features and helping you look younger.

All-On-4 vs Traditional Dental Implants

older man smiling

With traditional methods, it can take six to eight implants to support a full denture. Additionally, none of these posts are placed at a 45-degree angle, meaning patients who have experienced bone loss must undergo bone grafting beforehand. Furthermore, some patients can receive an All-on-4 denture immediately after implant placement, while traditional implants usually require a few months of waiting while the posts fuse to the jawbone. Because of this, All-on-4 is usually quicker and less expensive than a traditional implant-retained denture.

Of course, you’ll need to attend a consultation with an implant dentist in North Dallas to determine whether All-on-4 is right for you. Contact Dental Attraction today to schedule yours!