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Cigna Dental Insurance – North Dallas, TX

Getting the Most Out of Your Cigna Dental Insurance

Three women smiling after visiting Cigna dentist in North Dallas

As a Cigna dentist in North Dallas, Dr. Rouhani is eager to help patients in need of preventive and restorative care. Working closely with insurance carriers to establish set fees for various services provided, he makes it possible to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses of those seeking his help to improve the health of their teeth and gums. If you are one of these individuals and want to save the most money when visiting the dentist, make sure to call us to schedule an appointment. Tell us who your insurance carrier is, and we’ll get to work to identify ways you can take advantage of your policy in the most effective and money-saving ways.

Cigna Coverage Availability & Fees

Senior dental patient talking with his dentist

As you review the policies and plans provided by Cigna, you will find the monthly premiums, deductibles, annual maximums, and co-pays are different; however, the coverage levels tend to remain somewhat similar:

  • 80-100% preventive services
  • 70-80% minor restorative services
  • 50-70% major restorative services

This, of course, is if you choose to see an in-network provider like Dr. Rouhani. While you are under no obligation to see someone in-network with your Cigna dental insurance, you will certainly save more in the long run. Those who choose out-of-pocket providers tend to pay much more but can still receive the same great service.

By opting for an in-network provider, our team can work with you to spread out your treatments if you are getting close to going over your annual maximum. This will help you to avoid additional expenses just because you go over the allotted amount provided to you by your insurance company.

These are just a few of the many reasons it is a money-saver to see an in-network provider. Although you are not obligated or required to do so, you will save more money in the process by seeing a professional who works in partnership with your specific dental insurance company.

Meet the Team

Two dental receptionists in North Dallas

At Dental Attraction, our staff members are happy to help you better understand the cost of your treatment as well as your dental insurance in North Dallas. We understand the financial aspects of dental care can be daunting and overwhelming. They can even be a deterrent to receiving necessary treatment. Fortunately, we’re here to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Whether you need assistance to identify what is covered under your policy, how to maximize your benefits, or filing claims paperwork, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to dental insurance, you can count on us to take care of you, so you can focus more on improving your oral health.