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Delta Dental Insurance – North Dallas, TX

Get the Most Out of Your Delta Dental Insurance

Woman smiling at home after visiting Delta Dental dentist in North Dallas

You know you need to take better care of your smile, but you’re struggling to find a Delta Dentist in North Dallas. Fortunately, the team at Dental Attraction is here to provide the comprehensive care and affordable services you need to take better care of your smile while minimizing the amount of money you spend along the way. As a provider for Delta Dental, we pre-negotiate various fees and services for our patients, making it possible for individuals to pay the lowest price when visiting our office. This ensures a positive experience for both you and our dental office. If you have questions about ways to use your plan, do not hesitate to contact us.

Delta Dental Coverage Availability & Fees

Woman seeing her dentist in North Dallas

If you are enrolled in a Delta Dental policy, you understand your premium, deductible, and annual maximum may be vastly different than a colleague or friend. Whether you purchase your plan through your employer or independently, however, many of the benefits remain virtually the same. The following is an example of what a Delta Dental plan might look like:

  • 100% preventive services
  • 70-80% minor restorative services
  • 50-70% major restorative services

As it is with most dental insurance companies, preventive care is strongly encouraged. This is why you will pay virtually nothing out of pocket when seeing us for a dental checkup and cleaning. The reason for this is to prevent problems from developing later on that requires the insurer to pay more for restorative care. Fortunately, even if a cavity or dental damage occurs, Delta Dental offers coverage for minor or major treatments designed to repair and improve the health of your smile.

However, it’s important to remember that your insurance company will make sure you’ve met your deductible before offering to pay more for the care you receive. Also, your annual maximum, which is the most your insurer will pay in a single year, will be reviewed to determine if there is enough left to pay for your restorative treatment.

These are just a few of the many perks of seeing an in-network provider like Dental Attraction. Although you’re not required to find a dentist that is in-network with Delta Dental, it is in your best interest if you want to save the most money on your oral healthcare needs.

Meet Our Team

Dental receptionist in North Dallas

At Dental Attraction, we are pleased to provide our patients with a team of experts who are ready to provide assistance when it comes to dental insurance in North Dallas. Equipped with the knowledge to navigate the details surrounding your plan, we can identify ways you can save, how to maximize your benefits, and ways to avoid exceeding your annual maximum and incurring additional out-of-pocket expenses. When visiting for an appointment, we’ll be happy to file any paperwork and claims on your behalf to make your experience smooth, stress-free, and more enjoyable.